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Online Application System

SCMi's Online Application System is a cutting-edge system where crew, staff and applicants may encode and update pertinent information to be included on SCMi's manpower database. In a nutshell, it is a user-friendly and intuitive system where applicants can input and edit their information (such as personal info, educational background, trainings / seminars, sea services,etc...) to be included on the manpower database system. Also with the use of the system data / information loss will be virtually eliminated which is usually due to mishandling and carelessness.

With a growing and continously updated database, SCMi will be able to provide their principals / employers requirements with an immediate list coming from the system (making the process fast and efficient).

Usage & Guidelines

Below are some guidelines for applicants on how to properly use the system.

  1. Sign-up (register) by clicking the "REGISTER & APPLY NOW!" button on the left panel.
  2. Completely fill-up the Online Registration Form. The information asked on the form is needed for the applicant to complete the registration process. NOTE: Always remember the email and password that you used on the Registration Form. It will serve as your login info to be able for you to login to your account.
  3. After submitting your Online Registration Form. You will proceed to the member's area where you could input additional information and credentials.
  4. Once inside (loged-in) the member's area you may fill-up or update pertinent information such as profile, documents, sea services, licenses / certificates and courses. Do not forget to click the update button to save the changes that you made. It is important that you keep your records updated, so that when there's a position that suits your profile, you will be included on the list of qualified applicants. You may update your information as often as you need to.